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 Sell Your Scrap Catalytic Converters Here

 Mid-South Recycling is quickly becoming the largest buyer for scrap catalytic converters in the south. We have been in the recycling business for more than 20 years.

We are now paying $9.50/lb for wire, foil, and stainless scrap catalytic converters.

  We started this business with a door to door pickup and have grown with the demand. We started salvaging the catalytic converters from the cars and trucks many years ago to sell to the core buyers only to notice we would be paid randomly on converters. The core buyers were never consistent on the prices or grades among other things. Well, as time added to the fact, we were losing money. So now we are the core buyers. We don't play any games when it comes to catalytic converters. We buy the converters for the PMR (precious metal refining) metals in the catalytic converters. We have customers spread across the United States as well other countries. We now buy and recycle on average 5000 catalytic converters per month.

We offer the best in grading and service with your shipment. If you ship your catalytic converters to us we prefer to pick them up at the terminal of the shipper you choose. This will consist of quantities that have to be shipped freight. All freight shipment will be opened and inspected with a witness from the freight company. We offer a pickup service; contact us to see if we have a route in your area. If you are a dealer in the scrap converter business and are looking for a better price contact us 731-610-7282. If we buy your catalyst converters we will also pickup other things like aluminum wheels and small parts. We Buy Scrap Catalytic Converters and Scrap Oxygen Sensors

 Only about 48% of the catalytic converters are refined today. Most are thrown in with regular scrap loads or left on the scrap autos. We service muffler shops, towing companies, salvage yards and recyclers of scrap metals just to name a few. Your one converter is worth just as much as the next mans. I want your business for many years to come and the service you receive will prove that. Mid-South Recycling doesn't condone theft in any way. We correspond with law enforcement on a regular basis. A catalytic converter should only be removed from a car that needs the converter replaced or a junk car headed to the scrap yard. We also buy all types of converters and catalyst for refining, from stove pipes, ATVs, semi trucks, and all the way up to industrial discharge stacks. If recycling for profit interest you give us a call.

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